July 15, 2010

Every girl needs one: The little black dress

I couldn't resist...Saw it at Walmart for a whopping $3.00 (onesie) and had to get it. Can't wait to put Lovie in it! I have a wedding shower on Sunday to go to without my Lovie (her name wasn't on the invite). I wasn't going to go because I *like* going places with my child, but I figure I needed to since I most likely will skip the wedding since, again, Lovie's name wasn't on the invite. I'm sort of hoping that they'll ask about Lovie (since the bride to be and her mom, whom I'm friends with, have yet to meet Lovie) and tell me to bring her to the wedding... Then she'll wear her little black dress. Bwahaha. I crack myself up.


  1. adorable! plus you gotta love a $3 Walmart find!!

  2. You're right on thinking they'll probably ask about Lovie... unless it's a super formal event I think babies (under 1 year/not walking/don't mind too much just being passed around) are a different situation than "kids" who require activities!

    Have some fun at the shower!

  3. I just saw this in a onesie form the other day and started laughing!! She will look soo cute!!

  4. Aw, I've those at WalMart a couple times recently. So cute! I hope you can take Lovie to the wedding so she can wear. That would be adorable. :)


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