February 24, 2012

Thing I've learned this week.

After 5 years of marriage (in vearly {very+early} June), 12 years together (in mid June), and 2+ years of motherhood, I'm finally becoming domesticated. Or something.

I know how to cook but I don't do it very often outside of weekend breakfasts (which I RULE I will admit). But over the weekend I had to cook something. So I made an awesome pork dish with some mashed potatoes and roasted broccoli. It was freaking awesome. And so were the leftovers. Mmmm.

Then last night... I made the eafatastiest (easiest+fastest+tastiest) dessert consisting of cool whip, vanilla pudding, and graham crackers. I cannot wait to dive into it tonight (I'll post more about it later).

By now, we all know I've succumbed to the Pink Princess crap because of the outcome when I do succumb to it. Well now, Lovie is insisting on wearing her "Red Shoes" with every outfit. I stopped her yesterday from wearing Red with the Pink, but I'm not sure I can do it again.

Psst, I adore that outfit above. The sweater dress (Old Navy) was one I was eyeing last year and she's had it since September but she hasn't worn it much. Not sure why, really. But I freaking adore it. And paired with her jean jeggings and Red shoes?! I LOVE IT. But pairing the Red Shoes with her pink crap?? Ick. But you know what? If it makes her happy, so be it! Because her happiness is mine.


There are moments in all of our lives when we experience tough times. I don't think anyone is exempt from that. And often during those tough times there's a lot of waiting: Waiting to finish school... to become an adult... to get married... to get that BFP.

Waiting can be the hardest part.

But when you have to sit by- day after day after day- and watch someone you love wither away to nothing...all while all you can do is watch and wait? That's beyond being the hardest part. It's downright cruel. It downright makes you really question so much. Oh so much. I would imagine.

A friend of mine has been doing this exact thing for too fucking long- Waiting. Waiting and watching as her mom, a mere 50-something, wastes away to nothing while ALS (Lou Gehrig's) disease takes her life away. It's disgusting that something like this exists. Disgusting.

My friend was told a couple days ago that her mom would finally find peace in the next couple of days. Her mom would find peace and maybe, after more time trying to finally and officially mourn the loss of her beloved mother, my friend could find some peace.

But she's still waiting.
Please, PLEASE pray for PEACE for these people.


  1. How terribly sad. I lost both of my healthy, hearty, active grandfathers in a sudden, completely unexpected way. Our family was shocked, grieving with all sorts of "this isn't fair", but now, several years removed, we all agree that although we weren't given the opportunity to say goodbye, we were spared the agony of watching them suffer for days and months and years. I feel so terrible for your friend. My heart goes out to her entire family.


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