February 15, 2012

PYHO: gifts

As expected, I got a big fat nothing yesterday for Valentine's Day. Womp-womp, wah!

No card, no flowers, no candy, no balloons, no steak and lobster dinner.

Instead, I came home with Lovie, tried taking some pictures of her in her dress (fail), cut leftover pizza in the shapes of hearts and warmed them, waited for the husband to come home with dinner (for us as Lovie generally cannot wait till we eat as we typically eat after she goes to bed).

When the pizza was done, Lovie didn't want any. Figures, eh? But as soon as Daddy got home and after she raced through the house to get to him so he could scoop her up and toss her in the air, she was all, "Look Daddy! Lookatda pizza hearts!" And she was all of sudden ready to eat.

So we all ate in the dining room last night- something we only really do on the weekends (eat dinner together) and when we have guests (eating in the dining room).

After dinner, Lovie opened up her present and was beyond excited with the pink tutu. She insisted she be able to wear it that instant. So Daddy put it on over her dress and she started dancing and twirling around, proclaiming, "I princess!" as her face exploded with happiness.

And then she started grabbing the tissue paper from the bag and started dancing with it and putting it over her head and laughing hysterically and bringing pieces of it to me and Daddy to play.

Princess Lovie is ... the greatest gift I could ever be blessed enough to receive- be it on her birthday, my birthday, Christmas, Valentine's day, etc. True friggin story. But capturing this moment with her Daddy on my phone?  That was icing on the cake and definitely made yesterday's Valentine's my best to date.


  1. Its amazing how the little things make such a big difference. Those little moments captured are so special. My perfect Valentines gift was slobbery kisses from my Jellybean and him feeding me his dinner. :)

  2. Adorable! I LOVE the expression on your husbands face. SO cute! :)

  3. Kids put the magic back in the holidays!

  4. Why is it that kids don't want to cooperate for pics when they are wearing a cute outfit??

    Heart-shaped pizza? Genius!

  5. I love the enthusiasm on his face in that picture! In what other plane of existence can a man get excited over a pink tutu and tissue paper? Only the 2 year old daughter can draw that out....I love it that our daughters expose this totally vulnerable side of our men.

  6. I don't understand this princess stuff. :-) I don't remember ever wanting to be or feeling like a princess, but I haven't met a little girl under the age of seven in YEARS that hasn't had this fantasy. :-)

    Your leftover pizza was a cute idea! I attempted to make George a pizza last year for Valentine's Day with heart shaped pepperonis. I cut three of them and then decided I didn't have the patience. :-)


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