November 3, 2011

Writer's Workshop: would love to breathe even out of half of one of my nostrils

3.) Write a post in just eight lines. (inspired by Mommy Nani Boo Boo)

The first year would be the worst- so I was told.

The second year has been better- for the most part.

Except I’ve been sick since end of August; it’s now November.

I did have one full week of a reprieve- between a near four week stint with DAILY fevers resulting in a birthday visit to the ER and this cough I’ve had for four weeks which has evolved into a stuffy head, leaving me gasping for breath.

I can’t take much more of this.

I’m so tired all the time because I’m sick all the time.

And I’m just so sick and tired of being so bloody sick and tired all the time!

At least she hasn’t been getting as sick as me this year.


  1. Ugh. That's got to be miserable. I hope you get over it soon!

  2. Oh my goodness! That's a long time to be sick!!
    Hope you get better soon!

  3. Ugh. I hate that, when one illness follows another...followed by another:-/

  4. I hate illness, when I'm sick but worse when the kids are sick. Wishing you a speedier recovery. It's hard being a Mama AND sick!

  5. Hate that you still don't feel good...but seriously we need to talk about the pic. Holy crap! I LOVE it!! You guys look so sweet and happy. I want to see more and all the details of Lovies fantastic outfit! And that may be the most exclamation points I've ever used!!! Ever!!!!!

  6. I wish with all my heart that tomorrow, as you wake up, all these troubles are gone. And never return again.
    This photo is perfect!

  7. I truly hope you start feeling better!
    That photo- perfection!

  8. I'm sorry you don't feel well but the pictures look great!

  9. So sorry you are struggling with illness! Having Lupus, I can relate to what it feels like to be sick all the time! I hope you feel better soon!!!

  10. I was sick for three weeks straight last summer and it was SO hard...not just on my physically, but on the whole family. I can't imagine being sick for even longer than that!! Ugh! Big hugs to you sister!


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