November 15, 2011

the serenade

For some time now, Lovie's been singing and dancing. It started at around 8 months when she'd climb her way up to her activity table and jam out to the music it played.

Ever since then, she's always bopped around whenever any kind of music comes on. At first her dance was a bouncing knees type of dance, then she started to add a step here and there, and now it's evolved into this bouncing-knees-while-walking-with-really-wide-steps dance. I do still need to get this latest dance on video because it's freaking hilarious.

The singing started at around a year, I'd say. She's always been a jibber jabber type of baby, but once she started to form words, she started to "sing". Then one day, several months back on our way home from school, she started singing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star (close your eyes- trust me- and just listen to this video).

Well this past Sunday morning, Lovie decided to serenade us as the three of us were hanging out in her playroom. She sat down near her little toy piano and started playing it and started singing. I happened to have my camera on hand already since I caught a couple of sweet "Daddy and me" photos so I manged to catch some of the serenade on video. Enjoy.

So now when Ms. Thang becomes uber popular singer songwriter megastar, you can say you saw it here first. You're welcome.

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  1. Awww! A budding superstar! I love it when kids just can't help singing and dancing! They just can't keep the joy of life inside!


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