November 29, 2011


I’ve always been kind of overlooked a lot in life- especially when it comes to pictures of myself. There are gobs of my sister, the oldest; quite a bit of my brother, the middle child; and not even an album full of me, the youngest. Such is life back in the day before digital, I suppose. As I grew up (and out), I hated getting photos taken of myself; I didn’t know how to smile (still don’t) and I was fat (or I thought I was… yet what I wouldn’t do to go back to the “fat” I thought I was back then!).

Then as I watched my nieces and nephews grow into adults, I often noticed how few pictures each of them had with their mothers. And that left me to think about pictures of myself with my own mother. They simply don’t exist. And that's incredibly sad to me.

So when Lovie was born, I promised myself (and her) that that wouldn’t happen with us. I was going to ensure there were pictures of me alone and/or me and her together. Even if that meant turning the camera on myself. Even if that meant begging someone to take a picture of us.

from end of August 2011
Lovie’s not even 2 and I’m proud to say that I can’t even tell you how many pictures there are of the two of us together. And I love them all. I may look fat and old and tired in some (or all) of them, but I absolutely love each picture. Mainly because of her, yes I admit it, but also because it’s a true representation of who I am:

Gray haired? Sure.

Tired looking? Maybe so.

Happy? Absolutely!

Mama? That’s me.

This week, I’m asking you to take us into the moment your favorite photograph of yourself was taken, to show us who you were then and what the photograph means–in 300 words.


  1. Love that you make it a priority to take pictures of the two of you together!

  2. There is so much beauty in your can feel the love you radiate for your daughter.

    Your daughter will one day thank you for taking these pictures.

  3. You're absolutely lovely and your daughter will be so grateful to have those photos of the both of you. You did a wonderful job writing about your insecurities, I love that you put them aside to create such wonderful captured moments.

  4. I love what you wrote here, a beautiful post! It is making me pause and think about our family pictures...I definitely don't have a lot of either or both of my children WITH me. Time to do something about that, so thanks for the inspiration!

  5. Lovely post. You are her mama and that is all that matters to her. These photos will be a treasure trove for you and her!

    Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my post. I appreciate your compassion. (And I'm sorry I made you cry!)

  6. I see a very pretty mama shining with love--and I am making a pledge to take more pictures of my son and me together!

    Thank you for sharing this.

  7. I need to do this more often. There are too few pics of me and Little Man since I keep forgetting to make my husband (or others) take them. I'll have to be better.

    Great photo.

  8. I love how determined you are to make your daughters experience growing up so different from your own. I love how you are changing your life and, it seems, your perception of yourself in the process.

  9. I so adore your honesty here- I tend to shy away from photos of me, too.

    But I want to be a part of their story told. So, like you, I go ahead and smile for the camera. Mama, indeed! :)

  10. :)

    Such a lovely post... and i can feel from your post how much being honest to ourself makes our lives better. Great work.

  11. Love that pic! And now that you mention it... same here! Very few pics with Mom and I...

  12. Note to self: Be in pictures more.

  13. It's to my great shame that I don't have more pictures of my boy and me. This is a great reminder to get on that!

  14. You are beautiful. And you two together really are magic.


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