November 11, 2011

Calling all Umi Friends!!

I need help and I'm calling out to all my "Umi Friends" for some guidance... PLEASE?!

So Lovie's birthday is in 6 weeks and 6 days. Her birthday party, which will be for other littles, will be at her "imnastics" (the kid gym place we go to on Saturday which is referred to as "gymnastics) place in a little more than 7 weeks (because the place is closed- wah!- the weekend after her birthday).

I need to narrow down which date to have it on and which package to choose... do we have up to 12 kids come or up to 20? I think we should go with up to 12, the H thinks up to 20. Problem is, we don't know 20 kids- unless we invite every one of her classmates (I think there are 15). But the problem with that is that I'm certain some of those classmates have siblings and what if they bring them? Then there would be more than 20 kids because we do have about 8 kids that would absolutely need to be invited (most would come, I think) in addition to her classmates. So if you take the 8 kids and the 15 from school, that's way more than 20. Even my math-hating ass knows that!

That means, we pick and choose who to invite from school since that's the route we clearly have to take- regardless of which package we go with.

So my question is... How do I invite her classmates?

I know that sounds like a stupid question with an obvious answer but really, how do I do it?  We cannot invite them all so how do I invite a select few? I don't know their home addresses like I do all the other kids that would be invited. Will the school give me the addresses? Doubtful. Ugh.

I can personally hand deliver a couple of the invites to the moms- two for sure I see every single morning; another mom I sometimes see and sometimes don't; and there are couple more that I have never seen.

Do I ask the teachers to give them to the parents upon pick up one day? But then that's asking them to take on that responsibility. Ugh. Plus, I feel like an ass asking them to give only X, Y, and Z's parents an invite. You know? Annnd, one of the teachers of her class has a kid in the class who I wasn't PLANNING on inviting (though I most definitely would if we go with the larger package).

So how do I do this? HELP!

Oh and... on the invites... do I mention where the party is being held (obviously) and that at least one parent needs to be there? Because they do. They can't just drop off the kid. They have to take off their shoes while their kid takes off their shoes and socks and follow their kid around at times. Am I supposed to mention that or will it be a given by the type of place it's at? This is a serious question because had I been invited to one of these parties prior to going myself, I wouldn't even guess that I'd have to take off my shoes (ew!!).

And whose name is on the invite?? Just "Kid'sName" or "Kid'sName + Parent" or what?!

Why is this so difficult?!

Man, do I envy those of you with lots of friends with kids and those of you who can celebrate the kid's birthday in a warmer climate or time of year... (not that I envy the warmer temps because I don't and you can keep those, tyvm!)


  1. First, I'm guessing her classmates are her age, and any parent that doesn't realize that you don't just drop your 2 year old off and leave him/her at a party is a moron.

    Second, I would never ASSUME because PJ was invited to a party, Maggie would come. Right now they are both invited to everything because they don't have "separate friends" yet. But when PJ is in preschool and gets invited to a party? I'm not going to bring Maggie! So I dont' know why you think siblings would come.

    I'd invite only the moms you personally see and leave it at that.

  2. My LO is three. We've been to a few 2 and 3 yo parties. Parents always stay, I think that's an understood piece at this age.

    For the invites, ask the teachers if they can hand them out - or ask them how you should handle it. At my LO's school, one room puts the invites on the cubbies or the front admin staff passes them out as parents are coming and going.

    For sibs, I have two kids and I always ask if it's okay to bring the little one. If you don't want sibs (or you do), I would indicate that on the invite. "Siblings welcome" or specify on the invite, "Timmy and parents" - or ask when the parent RSVPs - "how many of you will be coming?" If they say a sib is coming, explain that you have a limited amount of space. Just know that that kid might not come, because sometimes it's an issue of finding childcare for the sib.

    Which leads me to the how many to invite. All 20 of Lovie's classmates probably won't come. Plan on 25% not coming, which still puts you a little over the 20, but is there flexibility with the place you're having the party?

  3. If there are a few more kids you want to invite whose parents you don't see, do they have a file or something you can put the invite in? At Ollie's daycare they have a little thing that holds file folders for each kid... that's where we pick up his daily report sheet thing and all of his crayon scribbles... I mean, fabulous artwork.

    I get why you would be concerned about siblings, since you don't know everyone's family situations, if they have single parents or no other family or friends around that could watch their other child/children. That's where I'd be stuck... if Ollie gets a sibling, we won't be able to do stuff all that often with one OR the other... He has one set of grandparents within 50 miles, so who knows.

    As far as the invites, I'd address it to the kid, then inside tuck an extra note to the parent saying "Lovie would love to have Oliver come to her birthday party! The party is being held at 'SuperFun Imnastics, Inc.' and they require all kids to be supervised by at least one shoeless parent. If you & Oliver able to make it, please let me know ASAP!"

  4. I don't know I'm new to all this. But when I was filling out daycare paperwork, they had us check whether our address, email or phone could be given to other parents if they requested it. Maybe the daycare can give u info for the kids you want to invite.

  5. I think the parents staying is a given as well. When I get an invite I will ask if it's OK if their sibling can come. And am totally cool if they can't.

    I asked my kids teacher for a list of the kids in the class and then addressed the envelope to the kid and asked the teacher to hand them out. Worked for us.


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