November 9, 2011

at the end, it's the food that matters the most.

About 10 days ago, we piled into the car, drove for about 40 minutes, and got our pictures taken as a family at an amazingly beautiful arboretum. The word "stunning" doesn't do it justice (and neither do these pictures).

After our photo shoot, we walked around for a little bit but then had to sadly head out, driving the long way out (which was like a half hour drive!!) to take in even more beauty. We had to leave because we had a birthday party to go to for a 2 year old.

The party was being held at a little gym place for kids. This would be the third time Lovie would be going to the gym, the first time at this particular one. I refer to the gym as "gymnastics" when we're on our way.

Anyway, last night as Lovie ate her dinner, I was looking at the pamphlet the arboretum gave us and the following "conversation" took place between us (her-Lovie and me):

Her: Outside.

Me, looking at the side she can see: Yes, that's the outside. It's from the place we went to a couple weeks ago when we looked at all the trees. Remember all the pretty trees?

Her: Trees. Pitty trees. Imnastics!

Me: Yes!! We went to gymnastics afterward. So you remember seeing the trees and meeting [photog's name] and getting our pictures taken?


Me: you're so smart.

Her: Pitty trees, imnastics. 'Haap Birday to you.' (starts singing Happy Birthday song, hehe)

Me: Yes!! We went to gymnastics because it was [birthday boy's name] birthday!!

Her: party!

Me: yes, you remember the trees and getting our pictures taken and going to gymnastics for [birthday boy's name] birthday party! Good job! you're so smart!!

Her: possicle. geen possicle? peas Mama? (popsicle, green popsicle? please mama?)


  1. She is just absolutely adorable!!! I bet those pictures are amazing!

  2. I love finding out later what random stuff they were absorbing when you thought they weren't paying attention. Lovie :)

  3. I love how you were able to capture the sweetness of her words.


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