November 14, 2011

Dreamsicle Listicle

10 things that make for a Perfect Vacation

  1. Sleeping in- and sleeping in comfortably!
  2. Room service
  3. Crisp, clean air (the outdoors; in other words, keep the city life far away. unless it's Vegas. or NYC.)
  4. Room must have a nice view- could be trees or a lake or the ocean (yeah right) but there must be something other than buildings to look at
  5. Good food must be readily available
  6. Places to explore nearby in case we want to go out
  7. Place to play (playgrounds for the wee one, casinos for the big one)
  8. Nothing ridiculously expensive (I know it's vacation but we still need to live when we get back)
  9. Some place where my Loves can be by my side (yes including the little Love) 
  10. No schedules, no deadlines 


  1. See, I agree with the fresh air and room for the loves, but I'm a city girl. Gimme museums, cafes and city parks over fields any day.

  2. I forgot how much I enjoy room service! It may seem like it's not the most exciting way to take advantage of being in another city, but I love enjoying room service and an on demand movie in a hotel, even though both are overpriced :)

  3. I'm all about the good food, even if it's room service!

  4. I love that you included your little one in your perfect vacation. This sounds perfect!

  5. I love room service when traveling with kids. You get restaurant style meal without having to leave the room!
    Great vacation plan, hope it becomes a reality soon. How is your cold?

  6. I agree w. everything and with the "good food readily available" I'd like to add, "cooked by/cleared up by someone else." That would make a perfect vacay. (-:

  7. Sounds perfect! I love room service or any way that someone will bring me food without me having to get dressed or even get out of bed! So rare and wonderful!

  8. HeHeHe at #8: Nothing ridiculously expensive (I know it's vacation but we still need to live when we get back)

    I have to say though, we went on a way over-the-top vacation over the summer via a Disney Cruise... it is the ONLY vacation I have ever felt was worth that much money. THE ONLY! ;)

    P.S. Still wish it was cheaper though!

  9. Good food and no schedules are at the top of my list!


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