October 26, 2012

yesterday's memoir

About October 25, 2012 in 6 words:
giggles, playtime with Daddy before bed


“Oh I think Daddy’s home,” I say with glee while looking at her eyes get big and a smile grow on her face. “Go see if he’s here!”

She hops up from the couch and scatters off. Her sweet voice saying, “I hope he’s here; I no want to miss him,” trails behind her.

“Hiiii,” my husband’s voice greets his baby girl in a higher tone than his normal speaking voice.

I can’t help but to smile.

“How was your day?” he asks.

She giggles and exaggerated Muah’s drift down the hall.

The rest of the evening before her bedtime, she’s glued to him, smiling at him. When it’s bedtime, she proclaims, “No it’s time to play! I play with Daddy!” and gathers random toys from the shelf to bring to him. His smile grows.

We have a schedule, a routine: TV gets turned off at 7, we brush teeth and go potty, we go in her room and tell stories with the lights out, she lays down, I sing, she goes to bed, I collapse on the couch. We have a routine. It works.

But tonight, Daddy’s home before bedtime.
But we have a routine!

“I play with daddy!” she orders.

I look at them both sitting there and she’s just so into playing with Daddy and I realize neither of them get to do this as often as we do-- my girl and me. And I realize, it’s OK to expand that bedtime routine for at least a few minutes…

Daddy’s home and we don’t want to miss him.


  1. So sweet... They need their time too. :) I'm usually the one who needs that extra time, even if it means the routine gets adjusted.

  2. What a special memory to record, to savor, to revisit....

    I find my two go through phases when one of us is the preferred parent, but most of the time, Daddy is their superhero. I get it. :-)


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