October 26, 2012

TILTW: 10.20-26

Jumping in rain puddles is AWESOME!
Lovie is kinda famous thanks to MommySHORTS!

Two months and three days till Lovie turns three and we get to party on her actual birthday! Yay for Saturday birthdays! Earlier in the year, I was sure we'd do Bubble Guppies, then we moved on to MMCH, then Little Einsteins... I was sure we were doing Little Einsteins. This week, however, I decided I needed to make a decision and I went back with Bubble Guppies...but after our drive home from school yesterday, we've come to the decision that birthday number three will be all about... Kai-lan! Hahah where did that come from?? Last year we did Team Umizoomi and that's cuz Lovie was really and truly all about Mili, Geo, and Bot. But I also made Kai-lan cupcake toppers for school cuz she's loved Kai-lan for(her)ever now. Apparently she still is crazy for Kai-lan. So now I need to find someone to make a Kai-Lan (and HoHo and Rintoo and Yaya) #3 shirt. Also need to make a decision if we're going with Pump it Up or Jump Zone for the party day. But we do know we're doing it on the 29th at a Jump House type of place, and I'm super excited about it already!


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