October 29, 2012

this weekend


"Is that for me?" she gasps, her eyes widening and a smile covering her face. "Are those butterfly wings? For me??"

"Sure baby," I answer, cringing at the sight of fuscia and glitter. Oh how I hate glitter. And pink.

I help her get the wings and tutu on over the dress she's worn for the day. "Wait, here's a magic wand, too!"

thank you MommySHORTS and one of your sponsors to the Evil Glare-off getting this to us in just days!

"A magic wand?!" she repeats with glee, her eyes sparkling like the glitter on her wings.


While Taye took Lovie to gymnastics and lunch, I spent a couple hours at the salon getting my nails and hair done (thanks to a gift card Taye gave me for my birthday in September). It's been over three years (August 2009), since having anyone cut my hair, but I was ready. I wanted to keep the length (no Mom cut, please), but I wanted it shorter in the back, longer in the front.

She did the opposite.

Of course.

Meh, it's all good though. At least I have hair.

As for the nails, I went with a super dark purple/almost black color for both my toes and fingers. Normally I go dark for my toes, but rarely do I get manicures and never have I gone too dark. I figured with Halloween coming up, why not live a little.

I love them. Love Love Love them. I definitely think I'll get more manis and go dark again.

When Lovie noticed them she said, "What happened?" as she held a finger.

"I got my nails painted," I replied.

"Why black? What about pink?"

She was super confused, but has since moved on.


We hung out inside all day... watching TV, playing monster and hide n seek, painting.

My heart is *so* full.

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