October 18, 2012

Will she?

Exactly three months from turning Three years old, this little girl of mine asked for me to "hold you" as we made the trek out of a farm we visited to get some family photos taken.

Three months from turning three, she tucked her hands into my chest as her chin rested on my shoulder, while I followed the path out from the farm and to the car.

taken 9.29.12

She puts all her trust in me. I am absolutely everything to her.

Will she ever know that she is the same to me?

Will she ever know that she's always been my everything, even before she was born?

Will she ever know that she'll always be my everything until forever and ever?


  1. There's just *nothing* like this bond, is there?

    Lovely love, that's what this is.


  2. Love.

    I was wondering the other day if I would ever stop sounding like a giddy little girl--so in love--when I talk about my kids.

    I hope not.

  3. Your bond is so strong and so special. She will know as she grows up how much you love and adore her :)

  4. I remember when my oldest son was about that age, he came up to me and said, "Mommy, let ME hold YOU." I thought it was so cute that he felt he was holding me, rather than me holding them.

    They grow so fast, their innocence, their security, self confidence, and dependence, all changing so fast. This son is now 37 with 2 little boys of his own, yet I remember him wanting to comfort ME,. hold ME. Enjoy these simple days, they go by so fast!

  5. This is just crazy beautiful and just so crazy true. Thank you for this today. xo

  6. You put it so beautifully, this special bond we share with our kids.

  7. Such a precious picture! I love the simplicity of this post, so powerful!


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