October 8, 2012

The Hunger Treat

"I WANT TO GO TO DA HUNGER TREAT SUPAMARKET TO GET BANANAS!!" Lovie screamed and cried, kicking her legs against the back of the passenger seat of my car as we drove home from school Friday afternoon.

After a minute of screaming and me not reacting, she quieted down and I soon heard heavy breathing coming from the back seat. I nonchalantly sat more erect in my seat to sneak a peek through the rear view mirror and saw this:

I chuckled and noted that it had been well over a year since she's fallen asleep on our way home from school... and I also noted that it explained the absolute freak out over wanting to go to the Hunger Treat store.

WTF is a Hunger Treat store anyway?!

Haha this kid cracks my shit up on a daily basis... Hunger Treat is, I believe, a combo of Halloween and Trick or Treat and means either one or both of those. She's hooked on Hunger Treat lately:

"I wanna watch the Hunger Treat Umizoomi." (OMG this damn episode of Team Umizoomi- "Ghost"- has been played at least ... AT LEAST... 10 times this weekend and we weren't even home Saturday!)
"Look at the Hunger Treat ghost-es!"
"We go to Hunger Treat today, Mama?"

Other than Hunger Treat, this chica is really into feeding the ducks over by the river we live a block and a half from. We went last Sunday for a walk (she "rode" her bike), so we went again yesterday with some crackers that have sat untouched for quite some time with the sole purpose of feeding the ducks.

While on the bridge, I handed the camera off to Taye to ask for some pics of my girl and me and... you know, I'm so damned fortunate and blessed. Taye takes such good photos and even if I'm tired, old, fat, white-haired,

tired, old, fat, WHITE-haired!
it just doesn't friggin matter when it comes to Lovie.

she gets a kick out of pulling the strings on my hoodie

she thinks she's a great tickler. :)

And it shouldn't matter to you, either.

Take photos of your kids, but take photos of you with your kids, too!


  1. Great, great, greatgreatgreat photos!

    And I think Hunger Treat makes total sense; sense in the way that The Boy calling anticeptic 'foot water' or canteloupe 'super orange fruit.'

  2. Me in the photos with my kids?? What's that? Seriously. Must. do. a. better. job.

    Hunger treats...cracks me up. You'd think she's been starved :-)


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