October 5, 2012

TILTW: 9.29-10.5

* We're super excited and ready for Halloween. I was a bit apprehensive about how Lovie would react to it all this year, but she's super excited. She loves all the decorations at school, at home, and on some houses that go all out with "spooky" decor. I think school must be talking about it all in a fun way and that's helping her think of this as being fun and spooky instead of creepy and scary. Hell, she even picked out this guy for our window:

And she adores my witch laugh and can be heard saying, "I vant to suck your blood heh heh heh." It's fun. So much fun. And I'm so glad she's into it as much as she is this year and I'm so glad we've got an entire month to be excited about it.

* I'm so super damn excited to report that one week from today, not only will I not be working, but I'll be sitting my fat, happy ass in a salon for half a day as I continue celebrating my 40th birthday by using a gift certificate Taye got me: 4-layer facial, hair cut, mani & pedi. It's been over three years since I've gotten my hair cut by a professional! And apparently, the person I'm scheduled with, specializes in curly hair. So damn excited! Currently, my mop is all one length hitting just below the bra strap. But because there's so dang much of it, I very rarely wear it down and can be seen, most days, wearing it like this:

But right before having Lovie, it looked more like this:

And that's what I'm hoping to get back to. Of course it's much more gray now, but I'm still super damn excited about chopping it and getting back to being able to wear it down more.

* I was flipping through channels last night and caught the ending clip to Amber Behind Bars, a new show or special that MTV will be airing about Teen Mom "star" Amber. I know it's 2012 and all but really? REALLY? I was going to link to the show or the clip, etc, but fuck that. Just fuck that.

* Apparently I'm not the only one who has evil fantasies about people who annoy them. Some of the comments on this post cracked me up so.

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  1. Still celebrating your birthday...reason #82 that you are one of my personal heroines!

    Just clicked over to the post about your annoying coworker. I go on vacation and you go insane. I love it ;-)


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