January 22, 2013

well... Poop! or, maybe not.

I haven't talked much about this here.

Not sure why, really.

Maybe I didn't want to admit to being a failure...

...at potty training.

But it is what it is and right now Lovie, who just turned 3 end of December, is still not potty trained.

Oh we've tried. And tried.

We've got books and a potty chair. We've got charts, stickers, and M&M's. We've got a drawer full of undies.

But, as of today, she's still not trained and nowhere near being trained.

I'd really really really love for you to read more about this over at the Bump Blog. So go forth and laugh at my sorry ass over there.

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  1. You aren't a failure!! Every child is different and every child will eventually 'go'. ;-)


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