January 2, 2013

interview with a three year old

I really do need to video an interview with her because it's just so damn entertaining talking to her. And I need better questions that may elicit more than one or two word answers. As it was, I just asked these this morning on our way to school and I didn't have the questions I asked last time when she was 2.5 so I had to wing it. I do remember asking about our ages last time and how quick she was then to throw out some numbers... not so much this time. Girlfriend is really growing up, huh? And yeah, I know I just posted the photo yesterday but a) I love the photo and b) it's the only recent one I have of her where she's actually looking at me/the camera.

Reflecting back on Lovie's past year, there was a lot of changes: She nixed the pacifier (not such an enjoyable transition but not so difficult either when looking back); she started (and is still *sigh*) potty training; she moved up to the young preschool room at school; we made the switch from rear facing to forward facing; we made the switch from crib to toddler bed; she's pretty much without a high chair except when we play with play-doh; she's still the coolest damn kid in the world.

And. She's now THREE.


  1. This might be the first time in history that a kid has been FREE! haha


  2. I love kid interviews. They're hilarious! You do need to get one on video.


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