January 11, 2013

TILTW: 1.5-1.11

Not all people suck. Thank you for that. And thank you oh so much for all the heartfelt comments on Tuesday's post about my Oma. According to my mom, things are pretty much the same. :/


I absolutely detest potty training.


I've really come to *like* my hair. It used to be that I hated how curly and frizzy my hair was (when I was a teen) but then I was able to grow it longer and longer and the length helped weigh down some of the curls. Then I discovered anti-frizz products (about 10-15 years ago) and I started to really like my hair. But then it started to gray. And gray. And after Lovie was born three years ago, it's like I just couldn't stop the gray. And now I'm at a point where a good portion of it is gray. I've been lamenting for years as to whether or not to color it and have really just come to terms with it and, actually, I really do like it. It's part of who I am. It's just hair, yes, but it's my hair. My curls. My frizz. My gray. (And Lovie says it's "black" so that helps me feel like maybe it's not as gray as I think it is.)


And, speaking of hair, I've discovered an awesome website on how to deal with Lovie's hair. ChocolateHairVanillaCare has so much information on how to handle her hair. From products to styles and more. I absolutely love it and because of the info on that site, I "banded" Lovie's hair Wednesday night and it's resulted in two days of super cute, funky styles that I think match Lovie's personality. And Lovie's been talking about wanting really long "mermaid" type hair so I figure the banding may help lengthen her hair when I take them out. I'm excited to see what it looks like tonight (or tomorrow) when I take the bands out!

left to right: weds night, thursday morning, friday morning. does it make you cringe to see so much mis-match?! :D



  1. My 4 year old grand daughter describes he favorite style as "longs hairs downs"-she doesnt have textured hair, but I imagine the rubberband idea will work-if the braids dont bother her when she lays down.Maybe taking the time and expense to start tiny braids would be more comfortable and easier to deal with-you are lucky that she likes for youto play with her hair-my kids did-some kids don't! beebeesworld

  2. Thank you for the hair web site. I have a girl in my day care who would love to have her hair done. I had no idea how other than a pig tail styles. I can't wait to try something new!!!


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