December 7, 2010


Oh man that's pretty much how I feel right now. Sooooo bloody tired. All the time! Gah!

That there pic is from yesterday- day 6 of Lovie's final month in infancy. It's cold around here so it's imperative she get bundled up as much as possible to go to and from the car. (I could go into a rant right now about that but WTF is the point?) We just got home and I had to set her down or I was gonna drop her. She's SO heavy. She may be walking now, but it's not like I can have her walk up and down the street when there's snow and ice out there... and I can't have her go up and down the stairs yet either (2nd floor unit). (I actually had tears in my eyes this morning as we left... why won't she hold onto me like she does in the middle of the night?? If I drop her... or if I fall... I will never forgive myself. I'm not sure what to do but it's not getting any easier carrying her up and down the hallway stairs, up and down the outside stairs covered in ice, up and down the block covered in snow and ice.)


  1. I know that you have thought of this but is there anyway you could use a cheapie, light stroller to go to and from the car and leave it at the bottom of the stairs. It sounds like sometimes that is quite a journey.

  2. don't worry...i wont steal the cuteness......haha...great shot~! thats one reason we hibernated in the winters up north....too cold and too much of a hassle to do things....i miss it then i don't it's 60 in FL today...:)

  3. How cute! And I LOVE her sweater! Trust me, that is how I feel all the time too. It's ridiculous!

  4. Oh man that sweater is to die for!


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