December 10, 2010


from day 9 in the last month of infancy...

is it just me or does she look older in this pic? *sniffle*

those are her very first pair of long jeans she ever had and wore: size 6-12 from Old Navy (so is the onesie now that I think about it!). The cuff on the bottom is sewn like that and when I first put these on her 6 months ago, I had to roll them up even higher! Wow, huh? And look at the pockets!! Haha, think it's definitely time to retire these jeans, huh? Yeah, I think I'll retire them in the "keep" box. They are her first pair of jeans after all.

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  1. Ahhh...Lovie does look like a big girl in that picture!

    I have so many of Pie's things stored away. I've given away a bunch too...but it's not easy1


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