December 3, 2010

Countdown: Days 2 & 3

Well yesterday it was a tad rough getting a picture of my lovebug. She had only one super shitty short nap at daycare and passed out in the car. When I got her out of the carseat, she kept on sleeping... snoring on my shoulder as we walked down the block (fucking city life parking bullshit), up the stairs, and into the apartment. I laid her in the crib and she still snored. Took off her jacket and she just rolled on over, tucked her knees up under her, stuck her butt in the air, and kept on sleeping.

Man, if only I could sleep like that.

So this is December 2nd's photo:

It's the best I could do. Man, did I miss her yesterday.

Welp, she sorta made up for it today. She woke around midnight (we left school at 345 so she basically slept from 4-midnight!) for a bottle and the hubs changed her into her pj's and she went right back to sleep, apparently. I had to stumble in her room around 3 to give her a binky and rub her back... then again at 320... then at 330 I gave up and gave her a bottle, which she guzzled. Then I heard her laughing at 4... whimpering at 420... and finally she started hollering for us at 5. In the morning. Ugh. I got up and played with her (well she played and I sat in the chair trying to close my eyes but she kept wanting me to read her favorite story- I Love You So -over and over again), then gave her some cheerios, then changed her insanely poopified diaper, then put her back to bed at 630. And she actually fell for it and went to sleep!

Then the hubs got out of the shower at 650 and walked by her room and she hollered for him and he kept walking into our room where I was trying to sleep. Men! I scolded him and told him to give her a binky cuz she's trying to sleep. He obliged and girlfriend didn't wake till nearly 9. In the morning!!! That means Her Momma got to get in a bit of a nap, too. HOLLA!

After she woke, I tried giving her some more cheerios and a bottle, changed her, put on her jacket, and off we went to school and work. Only my work today consisted of a holiday party (which is why we both got naps this morning- normally we leave the house at 6am!). I picked baby doll back up after the party and we went and got her some new shoes!!

I LOVE SHOES. Only I had a bone removed my foot several years back and since then, can only wear big fat ugly shoes- ones that can fit custom orthotic footbeds. FUN TIMES! But now I get to buy her all kind of cute shoes... especially now that she's walking.

Those cute shoes are Rileyroos and I'm not exaggerating when I say that I swear she seems to walk even better with those on. While I don't believe in spending a lot of $$ on baby clothes and shoes, I do feel that she needed a good pair of shoes when she started walking. And that's where we're at. So this time, I spent the $$. Next time, we'll be hitting up Payless or Target.


  1. She is so dang adorable. I wish my babies would let their mommy sleep in once in a while. Lol. Love the shoes.

  2. She looks soo tall and grown up in the last photo!! Soo cute :) Shoes are soo expensive, believe me I have a little spending issue with shoes also, LOL :) I would love for Bailey to sleep till 9, someday right?! Hopeful Momma!!!!

  3. I love the countdown you have going on, and I can't wait to see all of the pictures!

    Those shoes are adorable! (Except for the fact that they copied Rylie's nickname and are profiting from it. LOL) Bryce needs new shoes and I'm trying to decide if I'm going to stick with the soft soles for a few more months or go to regular shoes. He definitely walks better with the soft soles.


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