December 28, 2010

My doll

Just last night, I watched as you played with some of your new toys- especially your new baby doll. My goodness do you love that thing. Your voice gets so soft and high pitched and your face lights up with a big ole (almost) toothless grin when you show me your baby doll.  My baby doll holding her baby doll.

A piece of me always melts when I watch you play.  You're so incredibly happy.  All the time.  It truly is amazing.  You are truly amazing.

My sweet baby doll. 

The absolute love and light of my life. 

How life was lived before you doesn't even matter anymore. Nothing matters but you and your health and your happiness.  And as I watch you play and watch as you have a smile on your face at all times... I realize that I have everything in life. I have it all.  And it's amazing.  Life is amazing and so full and so warm and it's all because of you. My sweet baby doll.


My Facebook Status today (from 7am): One year ago... just one short year ago ... I was embarking upon the greatest chapter of my life. It's absolutely incredible to think about how long I yearned for that change- and how much more magical it is once it happens. And in 17 more hours that magic was bundled up tightly and placed into my arms- and every single thing in my life finally made sense. I'm so unbelievably blessed...and quite the sap lately.

If I were an update whore, it would now read: One year ago I was laying in the hospital bed unable to feel anything from midsection down. My water broke about an hour ago and I opted to get the epidural almost immediately as the pain... oh the pain! I wouldn't start pushing until 10PM. And miss Lovie will be celebrating her 1st year with us at 120 in the morning.

She's the most amazing thing that's ever happened to me. (here come the tears- I've been emotional all day!) I waited so friggin long to become a mom and was blessed with the most amazing, most beautiful, most sweetest, most happiest baby. I just can't believe she's mine and that she's 1 (in 12 hours and 13 minutes).



  1. Oh, yeah... Lovie is the BEST!

    Funny how you can't remember what life was like before she came along - because who would want to?

    The world is a brighter, happier place with a doll like her in it!

    And hugs to you, momma! You went through it last year, and you get the benefits all year round!

  2. Precious. I love her hair. I never knew it but, I'm a Facebook status whore. Lol. That makes me proud.

  3. What a lovely tribute to your baby girl! might want to stay away from my blog kids are sort of fuel for my blog...I'm sort of momentarily ashamed...I'll get over it, but for the moment, I'm so moved by your words, I'm thinking I need to write an entire post on how much fun my kids are...then I'll make fun of them! :) Beautiful post! Most beautiful one I've read all day.


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