December 27, 2010

Help... Please!

I really need guidance, advice, opinions, thoughts, ideas, etc.

For several months I've been working on making a video of my Lovie of her first year... and I finally finished it last week. I couldn't even say how many hours I put into this thing... this thing that is like three and a half minutes long.  And holy hell was it difficult to get it down that short.  But I wanted it to fit inside the length of my favorite Lovie song... a current song that reminds me of her every single time I hear it.  And it fits perfectly now. The video is perfect. It really is.

But. I made it on Windows DVD Maker. So I can burn it to a dvd but then what?? I want to share it on Lovie's private blog and on Facebook and even here. But how?? How do I get the video from the dvd onto the computer and into the web?? And how do I get permission to use the song we're using?

Please. If you can offer any thoughts on the matter, I'd be sooooo appreciative.


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  1. OK I don't know anything about Windows DVD maker, but I *think*:

    If the program only lets you burn to a DVD, do that, somehow making sure it's not "read only".

    So then, find the file on the DVD (or your hard drive if you can find a way to get it on there) and copy it to an easy-to-access place, say, My Documents or Desktop.

    Create a *private* YouTube channel & upload that bitch!

    Use the embed code to post the video on blogs, and there's a direct link to share on FB.

    HTH, email me if you want!


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