January 30, 2014

i hope you dance

Yesterday marked Lovie's first full month as a four year old. I kind of want to come here and gush about how awesome it is having a four year old, but I'm terrified of jinxing myself. Three was good for us-- but trying. Especially the first half of three. Oh boy is Trying a nice word to describe the first half of three. Two was not terrible at all for us. Much like one.

It's been a pure joy to mama this kid. Sure there are not-so-fun times but really? Not really! It's been a joy. I'm so blessed.


Next Saturday Lovie and her dad are going to a Daddy Daughter Dance. How freaking adorable is that going to be?

This is what she's wearing. Now, prepare yourself because if you know me at all, you know how anti-pink/girly/glittery/fluffy/princess I am... so ... hopefully you're sitting down.

Ready? You've been warned.

The dress:

The tights:

The shoes:

I picked the dress (and the tights) up today from Macy's (and the shoes from Payless). Um. The dress is even pink-er/girly-er/glittery-er/fluffy-er/princess-er than it looks in the photo. Like I almost didn't recognize it because it's SOOOO all those things.

And it's absolutely perfect for Lovie.

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