January 7, 2014


Ironically, we took Lovie to see the movie Frozen Saturday night.

Why is that ironic? Well because we've been pretty much trapped inside since the movie as a result of snow, dangerous wind chills, dangerous below zero temps before the wind chill, and finally, because my car wouldn't start this morning.

Now generally, I love being at home. Love it. If I have the choice between going somewhere and staying home, I typically pick staying home... but enough is enough already.

I mean... the poor cat.

And there's only so many friggin boxes I can break down.


If I had to choose between seeing the movie Frozen again (which I have yet to read one negative review) and staying in the house another day... I'd pick staying in the house another day.

I didn't care for Frozen, Taye didn't like it, and Lovie wanted to leave midway through. It was too intense for her I guess. It's a gorgeous movie with amazing singing, but that's it.

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  1. We loved Frozen!

    Ha, love the dressed up cat. My daughter dresses up ours too.


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