July 5, 2013

TILTW: 6.29-7.5.13

My sweet love bug is growing up into such a sweet little girl. It blows my mind sometimes that she can be so awesome and that she can keep getting more and more awesome. She's got such a big heart, such a love for babies and animals and friends and family.

I'm completely over the damn mosquitos this year.

Next time we see a firework show, we need to pack lots of snacks, drinks, glow sticks and not get there too early.

Going out to eat on the 4th is pretty awesome. So is going to Target.

Working the day following a holiday sucks ass.


  1. Always enjoy your blog and adorable candid pictures!

  2. ..so is going to Target… LOLOLOL!!

    Your daughter is so pretty!!

  3. I've been MIA but OMG, how Lovely is that Lovie? She is so grown up Christina!! What a doll!! And you are right, wasn't it Dorothy who said "There's no place like Target." (or was that Target is like home?)


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