July 29, 2013

LOVE this little girl

This little girl makes all of me smile from head to toe.

This little girl makes me so proud, so happy, so in love.

This little girl keeps me on my toes with her questions and knowledge of stuff like omnivores and constellations.

This little girl can count to 50 with very little help.

This little girl can spell her name, Mama, Daddy, Stop.

This little girl knows her birth date, address, the city she lives in, and her phone number.

This little girl sounds out letters and may very soon be reading words other than her name, Stop, Mama, Dad.

This little girl loves taking baths but won't take a shower.

This little girl never wants me to do her hair, yet doesn't mind having woodchips or sand in it.

This little girl loves cupcakes, popcorn, hot chocolate as well as green beans, peas, cantaloupe.

This little girl loves animals, especially her cats.

This little girl could spend all day playing in the sand.

This little girl doesn't like going to bed at night and won't sleep more than 9 hours at night.

This little girl loves taking ballet and is very sad to learn that she can't also take tap because she's not yet 4.

This little girl loves listening to music and singing as loud as she can.

This little girl hates any and all bugs except for lady bugs.

This little girl is and always will be absolutely everything to me.


  1. I love it! She's doing great if she's spelling and reading when she's not even 4!! You're doing great, Momma! ;o)

    1. oh i'd love to take the credit, but it's just who she is. hope you and your littles are doing well!!

  2. SHe's adorable and I love what she can do!!! Counting to 50 is hard!

    1. seriously, she blows me away with what she knows and can do!

  3. Look at Lovie eating her veggies! Way to go Mama!

    1. ha, hey that's just her. I hate peas. :)

  4. This little girl sounds like a lot of fun to be around!


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