July 8, 2013

expensive, but priceless

I spent literally 28 hours over the weekend with a 3-week-old baby doll (and her mama and daddy).

When I wasn't snuggling up with said 3-week-old, trying to absorb that newborn baby smell, I was looking out their windows to views of the Statue of Liberty.

(they have the most AMAZING view of Manhattan when you walk outside to the riverfront)

It was a super short visit, but one that I will cherish and one that couldn't have been much longer due to missing my own sweet baby doll at home who actually scored a new bear that she got to pick out, dress, and name upon my return yesterday.

(I keep hearing this pink princess-y stage will end... WHEN?!)

That's right, I promised Lovie that when I returned from the little trip, we would all spend the day together doing something super special with her and she (no thanks to the HUB channel and their damn commercials) chose to go to Build a Bear Workshop.

It wasn't a cheap weekend, to say the least, but it was definitely pretty priceless:

Flying out to Newark, NJ for two nights, one day: $380.
Cabbing it to/from airport to/from apartment with sweet baby and amazing views: $90.
Snuggling with a newborn whose diaper I don't have to change: Priceless.
Going to Build-a-Bear Workshop: $47.
Coming home to a super smiley, happy-to-see-me Lovie: PRICELESS.

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  1. I absolutely LOVE baby smell! I wish someone could bottle it up.
    I am not a 'city' person but New York is a great place to visit.
    Build-a-bear isn't cheap - but worth the smiles from the children. =)


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