July 1, 2013

interview with...

Lovie turned 3.5 on Saturday. When I told her this, she lifted her hands a bit in the air, palms up, and proclaimed, "WHAT?! So are we gonna have a party and cake?"

Yeah, no. Sorry kiddo. It just means that we're halfway to another birthday.

I did interview her again though because it turned out so cute last time. I have it on video but this time there's a lot more personal information on it so the edited (took out how she spells her [real] name, took out street address) print version will have to do.

I present to you... Interview with a Three and a half year old:

click to enlarge

Oops, just realized that there's a bit of a space next to "orange fruit". I was going to put in a smaller text and in parentheses Cantaloupe. Man does she love that shiz. Also, can anyone guess what game she's referring to in number 12's answer? Hint: I'm on level 147.

Click here for the last interview from six months ago.


  1. She's soooo cute! I love that she wants to be "everything" when she grows up. Good for her! Shoot for the stars! Why limit yourself at age 3.5? I love the idea of interviewing as well.

  2. Awesome! I really need to do that with The Boy.


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