April 19, 2013

things could be so much worse, that's for damn sure.

We left early yesterday.

I knew it was going to be bad getting to the expressway so we left early. I knew it had rained the entire night. I wasn't too surprised to see the flashing lights blocking off the main road near the park, the road that paths a way just north of the river that travels just north of our house. I turned the car around and headed toward the other main street in the neighborhood. After 30 minutes or so of very slow moving traffic amidst the pouring rain, I turned the car around yet again, stopped at Dunkin Donuts for a dozen donuts, and went back home.

Despite it being after 7 AM now, the sky was near-black still. And the rain kept on coming.

Lovie ran to the bathroom to pee, I told Taye he might not want to go in to work as the expressway he generally takes was completely shut down due to flooding. He continued to snore away.

Lovie parked herself in front of the television with Spring Fling donut. I parked myself in front of the computer for a bit before deciding to try to take advantage of an unexpected day home. I cleaned and organized a bit and after Taye decided he was still going to try to get to work, I even vacuumed.

Lovie prepared us a picnic, of course.

I mean, what else do you do when the streets outside are submerged in rain?

After more cleaning and laundering and picnicking and TVing and Candy Crushing, the sky got brighter and the rain seemed to let up a bit.

Then my cell phone rang and it was Taye telling me he was finally near work (after over an hour on the roads) but that he had to call just then because he just got done listening to our neighbors on the news radio.

"Huh?" I asked.

"Yeah, apparently there's major flooding down the street and they're trying to tow cars out. They're on our street."

I ran to the front window and wouldn't you know it? There were firetrucks and police cars and tow trucks down the north side of the street and another cop car at the south end of the street. Nobody but emergency crew was let in or out of the street. How crazy was this day?

After lunch, Lovie and I took a walk since the rain stopped coming down.

the view from the corner of the block we live on- about 6 houses north of us

zoomed in from same spot- about 6 houses north of us

Our block is not under any water, but just six house north and we'd be singing a different tune. I feel bad for the people right next to the river... not only are their cars COMPLETELY under water, but half of their homes are, too.

Emergency crew was out there all night.

When I left this morning, they were still out there and every single street in the neighborhood has police blocking the roads. I haven't a clue who I'll have to beg to get back home. Apparently it took Taye about 20 minutes last night just for one of the cops to let him into the street after convincing him that he would not leave our house once he got there.

Meanwhile in Boston and Texas...

: (

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  1. Indeed, things COULD always be worse. Glad you're sll safe and dry.


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