April 11, 2013

she's so damn sweet my teeth hurt

I know she's mine and all, but man do I sometimes find myself in awe of her beauty.

Those huge brown eyes. That cute button nose. Her gorgeous hair. Those killer lips. Man, are we going to be in T-R-O-U-B-L-E. And to top off her beautiful looks, she's crazy sweet and kind, too.

The other week I pulled something in my shoulder and back and it was hard to move, let alone hold my Lovie. It got to the point where I had to tell her that I couldn't pick her up because of the pain. And while she's three and very capable of walking by herself, I try not to say NO to requests to be held because I know there very much will come a time, probably sooner than later, when those requests will take a back seat to eyes being rolled in the back of her head.

Then the other day she was climbing on my back as we sat on the couch watching yet another episode of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, and before she made a complete clasp onto me, she asked, "Do's your back still hurt?"


Just this morning, she even asked Taye if he was feeling better because he's been sick the past couple of days.

Her sweetness slays me. Her beauty moves me.

I'm so blessed.

(Now if only she'd go to sleep at night.)


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