December 12, 2012

inexpensive holiday gifts

The other week I made some Merry Mix-Mess and Chocolate Pretzel Buttons with the purpose of packaging it all up and gifting it out this season. Then, I found these adorable Dixie brand coffee cups with lids (12 each to a package for less than $3.00) at either WalMart, Target, or Meijer. I put the snacks in a ziploc baggie, tucked those inside the coffee cup, and BOOM: instant little cheap, yummy, festive gift! If only I picked up more of the cups because I can't seem to find them anywhere online! :(


  1. Cute idea! Look at you being all crafty!

  2. Hey! I might actually do something besides run to Walgreens at the last damn minute and buy a shitty pair of slippers?? All because of you and your pretzel buttons!!! LOL

    1. hehe seriously- did you check out the link to them? Lovie took all the wrappings off the Kisses. it really doesn't get any easier (cheaper, yummier) than this! :)


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