September 7, 2012

TILTW: 9.1-9.7

* Turning 40 (yesterday)? Aint so bad! : ) Flowers from the hubs arrived just before I left work for the day, flowers from my BFF/cousin and a plant from my momma arrived later in the day so that when I came in to work this morning, the celebration continued. The hubs and Lovie made, from scratch, molten lava cake and sang me Happy Birthday while I wore a princess crown Lovie made.

* I'm hosting a Fisher-Price Playdate Party and am getting damn excited. I received notice that two boxes shipped early in the week and last night, on my birthday, one of the boxes arrived: goodies to be given away to my guests!! Now I just wait on the the box of goods with the toys that we'll be playing with (big ticket toys like this, this, and this which Lovie will flip over) and that we get to keep! What's the catch? A) I'm blogging about it, right? B) I'm so damn excited about it and am constantly talking about it. C) I've got like 12 kids coming to the house to play play play! Word of mouth can be a very powerful tool.

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