September 24, 2012

Great (playdate/party) day

Fisher-Price and HouseParty have a new fan in me.

I signed up with HouseParty a couple months back after being invited to a Pull-Ups party and one day I noticed via their Facebook or Twitter that they were offering a Fisher-Price Playdate Party for this past Saturday. I quickly applied and when it was announced that the hosts were chosen (I think there were 5K chosen across the States), I quickly logged into my HouseParty account and was beyond shocked to see that I was one of the 5K chosen.

Me. Hosting a party?

I love having people over, but just don't ever do it much at all because I'm kind of like Aly Sheedy's character in The Breakfast Club.

But I:
  • invited some folk with kids and told them over and over again that I would not be selling anything, they would not be buying anything
  • got a huge box from Fisher-Price and HouseParty full of some of the coolest toys
  • unboxed everything (and made a badass Clubhouse for Lovie with the box)
  • put the toys together
  • rearranged the living room
  • baked cookies
  • and had a kick-butt party on Saturday

As the good old Fresh Beats would say, It was a great day!


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