September 10, 2012

So am I

She's growing so much, so fast... this little girl of mine.

This little pink-princess-loving girl of mine.

We spent the weekend doing whatever, whenever. No scheduling of anything other than 10AM gymnastics on Saturday morning. After gymnastics we went out for hot dogs and fries, and, because it was so incredibly picture perfect outside, we ate lunch outdoors- something we never do.

Just the three of us. And some birds, which Lovie quite enjoyed. 

"Look there's the mama bird, the daddy bird, and the [Lovie] bird!"

After lunch we went shopping for a new couch.

Shopping to Lovie means the grocery store or Target so when we walked into a furniture store, she was quite confused and not very happy but she's growing so much, so fast... this little girl of mine. She's learning that sometimes we have to wait, sometimes we have to do things for others.

After two diaper changes in two different furniture stores, it was time to head on home. Lovie still wanted to shop but not for furniture: she wanted bananas and milk. So we headed toward the grocery store and just before arriving, Lovie's eyes and head dropped and she was sound asleep.

"Is there anything else you want to do or get?" I looked at Taye beside me and we headed toward a Starbucks, another furniture store (Taye went in while I sat in the car with Lovie), and computer store, allowing Lovie some time to nap.

By the time we got to the computer store, Lovie woke up and wanted to go in, too. So we went in and she followed Taye around like looking at computer crap was the coolest thing ever.

Sunday, Taye had to go to work in the morning so Lovie and I headed out to Wal-Mart, the park, then to Red Robin for lunch.

This little chica, making pancakes with blue playdoh while patiently waiting for her burger, fries and lemonade is growing so much, so fast.

She's living and loving every moment of it, and so am I.

So am I.


  1. Blue pancakes at Red Robin...these are the best days, aren't they?!
    Love her hair. I can just imagine it bouncing as she bounds through life.

  2. I do so love your Lovie. She's so adorable traipsing through the computer store and just hanging out with her tower of phallic pancakes.

  3. So sweet. I love her!

    Sounds like such a great weekend.

  4. You have a beautiful daughter, she's so sweet! Those pancakes are cute!

  5. Yikes! It has been way too long since I have visited. The blog looks great, and Lovie, well she's just adorable as ever! They sure do grow up fast.

    OK...gotta go scroll through and catch up a bit...

  6. oh, her hair! so so pretty. love the blue pancakes :)

  7. She really is dang, dang cute, your Lovie :-)
    Funny Wal-Mart and all are open on Sunday. Over here it´s just Cafés, restaurants and such. There are special Sundays where the shops are allowed to open up once in a while.
    You don´t find liquor-stores here, either, you get it all in the grocery store. Or gas-station. Or shops where you find all kinds of drinks and only drinks. Well, and crisps, cigarettes, the local newspaper...

  8. Sometimes it's hard to see your children lose that baby, then toddler look. But it only gets better. I love it when you can start to have in-depth conversations about interesting things and they start showing their sense of humor. She is too cute.

  9. Stop the cuteness! I always love coming here and seeing her adorable face!

  10. I love how very grateful you are for the small, everyday moments and of course {of course} all of that delicious together time. It is absolutely stunning, isn't it?

  11. That is a stunning little girl!


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