April 11, 2012

WW: bike ride, a video

We took her out on Easter Sunday for her first bike ride outdoors. Yesterday, she asked to go back out with her bike and as we walked and as I filmed, it dawned on me: this child truly never stops talking. Heh. I've known this for quite some time (our car rides are very interesting), but looking at this video and reliving the little time we were out there, really proved it.

I'm pretty sure you should be able to make out what she's saying but just in case, I've translated it below (her side of the conversation, not mine):

you stinky Mama

standing in da dirt?

i standing in da dirt.

you standing in da dirt.

hey do you see da tightrope?

i wanna take da bike off

a tightrope? i too small

i wanna flower

i wanna pink one

you do one. you do da pink flower, Mama.

Daddy has a pink flower?

all gonna make flowers


  1. Bahaha! You stinky mama! She's a natural writer. ;)

  2. That's adorable :) You should make that into a card or something and frame it :)


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