April 6, 2012

TILTW: 3/31-4/6

* Every night after dinner, Lovie says, "I want some milk," and I get her down from her high chair, open the fridge, and she gets the milk out of the fridge and gives it to me. I then fill her cup and give the milk back to her to put away into the fridge. Then she gets my water (a bottle) and says, "Here Mama," while handing it to me as I hand her the sippy of milk. One day last week after she gave me the water I said, "Thanks! Cheers!" and tapped her sippy with my bottle. And ever since that day, she gets so excited to "Cheers" with me. "Cheers!"

* Lovie wants a bunny. A pink bunny. "Easter's coming up," I keep telling her, thinking about the little white bunny I have hidden in the closet to tuck inside her basket. "Okay," she responds. "I wanna go to the farm!"  We really need to get out to the zoo soon so this chica can see some animals.

* The Binky (pacifier). I was planning to have the Binky Fairy come after Lovie turned two... but I couldn't do it. She loves her Binky and Grandmabear sooo much.  And she only has it when she goes to bed.  Still, there are times when she wakes in the middle of the night and whines because she "can't find my binky anywhere." Since she now talks about how she's my big girl (*sniff*), I started telling her that she needs to give her binky to a baby since she's a big girl now, and when she does, we'll take her shopping for a new toy. She now talks about this at least once or twice a day: "I give my binky to baby, Mama. We go to store and I get new dollie." I tell her that that would be really nice of her to give her binky to a baby and that yes, when she does, she gets to pick out anything she wants. I've even tried having her give her binky to one of her baby dolls she currently has but it lasts for about 30 seconds before she wants the binky back. Thing is, we don't know any babies so I'm not sure how to go about doing this. I think I'm going to try bringing a binky to school with us one day and see if she'll leave it for the babies in the Infant room and then take her shopping when I pick her up from school... then hold strong that night when she asks for it, reminding her that she gave it away. I guess.

* I'm not a fan of Easter. I'm just not. Yes I picked up a few things and a bucket to put them in for Lovie to get on Sunday but other than that, I just don't care about it. And I feel like the only mama on the planet not dying eggs. Oh bloody well.

Happy Easter nonetheless!


  1. I'm telling you. It will be one night of hell and then it's ALL OVER.

    And you know my thoughts on the zoo. You're welcome any time we go!

  2. I'm driving the kids half an hour away to an Easter egg hunt SPECIFICALLY to avoid dyeing eggs. Oh, and we accidentally melted the chocolate eggs already. Go us.


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