April 23, 2012

Booktasticle Listicle

Books are awesome. Period.

The written word is awesome. Period.

If you have kids, books should be everywhere in your home. Period. Please don't argue with me on this one. Just don't.

Some of Lovie's favorites (that she reads or requests I read):

Bark, George- This book was gifted to us by a woman who works in my department. It's a silly book about a dog named George who moos, meows, quacks, etc instead of barks when his owner asks him to bark. The owner takes George to the vet to get to the bottom of the situation. It's silly, it's repetitive, Lovie loves it.

You're My Little Love Bug- This books was gifted to us by an aunt of mine. It's a board book which is great for little hands, and its tale is sweet and fun to read. There's a heart shaped opening on the last page where you can slide in an image of your little Love Bug. I enjoy reading this one and Lovie does now, too.

Christmastime is Here!- I picked this one up during this past Christmas season to talk about the holiday with Lovie before it came. Lovie took to this one and asked that we read it several times a day. I had to hide it (on top of her bookshelf) after Christmas because I just couldn't take it anymore. It's a Fisher Price flap book and I picked up another one after her obsession with this one- and she adores it just as much. These are MUST haves for toddlers in my opinion.

Potty- I picked this one up during at Target run just a couple months ago when the thought of potty training started to seep into my thoughts. Lovie took to this one right away and loves when we read it and talks about wanting to wear undies all the time, as a result. Too bad the book didn't actually do the training part.

I Love You So...- This book... I just cannot say enough good things about this book. I've written about it before and it's a book that I will be sure to hold on to forever. I bought it the day I found out Lovie was a girl and I cried the first several times I read it to her while she was still baking away. It's not a short book, but the pictures and the flow is nice and easy- and it's just my all time favorite books for my Lovie.

Some of My favorites:

As I Lay Dying- I had to read this one a good 20 years ago in one of my fiction writing classes in college. And I quickly fell in love. There's just so much about it- particularly the way it's written, the way the story is told that always makes me say this is my number 1 favorite book. Ever.

The Help- I love this book. I just really love this book. It makes me smile, it pisses me off, it makes me teary. It's just an all around fantastic read.

Running with Scissors- This is another one that I just absolutely love. It's funny, it's crazy, it's bold, it's sarcastic, it's brave. Love it and love Augusten Burroughs.

Little Bee- Oh boy. This isn't a book I care to ever read again but it's one that will stay with me in a kind of haunting way forever, I'm guessing. Oh the tears shed whilst reading this book.

Room- Thinking of this one, again, moves me. I guess that's what a good book, to/for me, does: it moves me. And if it moves me, if it touches me, it stays with me.


  1. Hi there!
    I'm a new follower, found you from Monday Listicles! I very much love the style of your blog. Looking forward to reading more and getting to know you better :)

  2. Now i want to read As I Lay Dying and Little Bee! I tried to read Room but I just can't get into it b/c of the way it is written.

    1. Room was a bit hard to get into but once i let go of the way it was written, it was a very quick and easy read.

      As I Lay Dying is kinda like Room in the way it's written- KIND OF- so beware. and Little Bee... haunting.

      enjoy! :)

  3. Can I admit, I've only read one off your list? Room was hard to read for me. That story, ugh! I've had Little Bee on my list for a while, and I just might be the only person who did NOT read The Help!

  4. That Christmas book is awesome!
    I like "I Love You So" but Ada has other favorites :(

  5. People who know my family keep recommending Running With Scissors. Which makes me a little nervous, frankly.

  6. Oh, I forgot about Room - that book really stuck with me. It was hard though.

  7. My son loves that potty book as well! I mean loves it - but refuses to use the potty :) Running With Scissors is a great one, I have to check out The Help. Afraid it was make me cry but so many have recommended that one...great list!

  8. I loved reading Running with Scicors! And it is one of few oils that was turned into a good movie.
    Lovie has wonderful taste. Just like her mommy!

    1. My spell check makes me look like a loony. But without it would be just as bad :) I meant one of few books not oils. Sorry!

    2. I thought "oils" was some new slang the cool kids were using ;) Ellen

  9. I think books should be piled up in EVERY house! And not to ride on Stasha's coat tails, but I loved Running With Scissors, too. Never saw the movie, but may have to check it out.

    I'm loving this week's Listicles because it is reminding me of all of the great books I have consumed in my life. Ellen

  10. I haven't read Little Bee or Room. New things to look for at the bookstore.


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