August 3, 2010

Parenting is tough work

taken Saturday before her temperature started rising
I'm currently looking up children songs and lyrics to sing to my baby doll as I've come to truly understand and appreciate that she loves it when I sing to her... almost as much as she loves when we read.  More than that, however, I'm learning what it means (at least what I think it means) when people say Parenting is tough work.

Lovie's been rather sick the past couple of days. She's had a fever since Saturday, and Sunday night it reached its highest at 104 (which is when Momma lost it and started crying- doesn't help that 1/2 hour later I needed a tampon). We took her to the doctor this morning and again she had a 101 fever. My poor, sick Lovie. Doc says one ear looks a little red but doesn't think it's infected yet. His main concerns are the wheezing (she started this yesterday) which may turn into asthma and that this may all turn into pneumonia.

I hate that my child is sick and I can do nothing more than try to ease the tears and screaming.
let me outta here!!

Up until about two hours ago, she hadn't even smiled at us since Sunday's 104 temperature. 

And that's what's hard.  Sure it's difficult to get up every couple of hours, sure it sucks having to give her a bottle of either formula or water to keep her hydrated every couple of hours, sure it's no cake walk to listen to the screams when they're 1/2 an inch from your ear since your baby wants nothing more than to be held most of the time.  But the hardest part is that you can't do much other than be there in an instant, remain calm, and hope that your baby feels better soon.  That's what's hard about being a parent- when they are so uncomfortable that they can't smile at you and all you can do is watch it all.

one of the last smiles we'd see for a couple days :(
Obviously I'm home with her today- like I was yesterday. The hubs finally went in to work today after the doctor's appointment. Tomorrow I'll probably go in to work while he stays with my Lovie. And then I think I'll stay home Thursday and Friday with her.  I love being with her all day long.  She's the absolute light of my life and, like I said, I'm discovering that she loves listening to fun songs that end in YAAAAAAAY with clapping (which I think she's trying to do- so stinkin cute).  And we've read all the books we have several times over as that's been the only things other than singing that keep her scream-free for a while.

Outside from seeing her sooo uncomfortable most of the time, I've thoroughly enjoyed this time with her and it's just a reiteration to me that This is what it's all about. Oh, and yes, Parenting is tough work... when your child is sick at least.


  1. Poor Lovie! Poor Mommy!!! NOTHING is worse than being with your sick child and not being able to do anything to make it all better for her. I hear ya all the way! I loved my cuddle time with Babygirl when she was sick, but seeing her so miserable just broke my heart!!! I hope Lovie feels better soon!!!

  2. Poor Lovie! I hate that she doesn't feel good.

  3. Poor Lovie! I hope she starts feeling better real soon. There is NOTHING worse than a sick, or hurt, baby. NOTHING. It just rips your heart to shreds to know that there is nothing you can do for them either. ((hugs))

    The only songs I could ever think of to sing to Rylie were Christmas songs. We still sing "Santa Claus is Coming to Town" just about every night. LOL

  4. Hey... I'm a few days late... hope Lovie's feeling better now!

    And I hope you're home with her right now anyway!

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