August 24, 2010

now that she's crawling and standing and getting into everything at all times everywhere we turn...

I really think it might be a good idea to get her into some shoes.

Well, the order came in from last week and wouldn't you know it? Both pair are too big! Argh. And not just a little... though I guess they may work for a Halloween costume- if she were a clown! Boo. I'm so ticked off. I hate spending money and having to wait to use whatever it is I spent money on.

But whatever. They'll fit at some point. Better to be too big than small, right?

Well... I was looking around the interwebz and came across THESE.

How stinkin' cute. The color, the material, the everything!

I want a pair.

For me.

Ok and for Lovie. Espeically for my Lovie.

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