August 19, 2010


I need help.

I can't seem to say No to a good bargain when it comes to getting something I need to get.  I try not to buy frivolously or without purpose as we just don't have the kind of funds to allow for that kind of shopping; generally I shop with a mission, a purpose, a specific item(s) in mind.

But this week... this week, I've really pushed it.

On MONDAY I bought Lovie this piano from Leap Frog:

I couldn't NOT buy it. It was on clearance through Leap Frog, and I had a 25% off coupon on top of that! My reasoning for buying without a purpose: I've been noticing the past couple weeks how Lovie seems to really gravitate and enjoy playing with toys she can manipulate into making noise so when I saw this deal, I couldn't resist.

Then on TUESDAY, I bought this toaster from Crate and Barrel:

But it's not for our household. It's for the daughter of a friend (how the fuck old am I that I can say that... that I was invited to the wedding of a friend's daughter?!? DEAR GOD!) whose wedding we can't attend next weekend because we'll be in the midst of moving.  This, too, was on sale (and on their registry) so Yay.

Yesterday/WEDENSDAY I finally made a purchase I've been wanting to do for some time now, but just couldn't justify it- until now. I got these for Lovie from

And I can't wait to get them and slap them onto her itty bitty feet!  They were on sale, plus I had a coupon for 30% off, plus free S&H. How could I resist?!? I also ordered a pair of orange CROC-like shoes for next summer for a whopping $5.

And today/THURSDAY... today I've spent more than I have all week when I purchased a ton of clothes from

But again, I couldn't pass up the deal... and to help justify the purchase, I only bought Lovie items that were already on sale (the stuff for myself wasn't on sale- boo!).

I need help. If I continue to buy like this, I'm going to be in DEEP trouble.

But hey, at least Lovie'll look cute as ever! ; )


  1. Well if it's a good deal- then it's a good deal! I mean it would be like a sin to pass up deals that good....right? LOL!
    (at least that's just what I tell myself)

  2. It's hard to pass up a good deal. I got that Old Navy email this morning and had to delete it right away. I don't think the electric company will accept pictures of Pie in new clothes as payment, for some crazy reason!

  3. Ahhh! You got the converse shoes! Going to be so cute!

  4. I to get sucked in with the good deals. That is some cute stuff though!

  5. Hah! I'm the same way. I usually go to the store on a mission and end up buying something I had no intention of buying.

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  7. Uhhhh I had to delete that email right away too. But the shoes? No chance I'd have passed that up.

  8. I can't avoid a good steal myself!

    Followed you from Welcome Wednesday :)


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