August 20, 2010


So this is my third post for the day. How is this even possible? Or, more importantly, WHY?

Ugh. Well my first post is a rant of sorts and my second post was quick and easy and now this one is because I'm bummed. I miss my baby doll!!!

While this isn't a picture from today, right now, it's what she's doing. She napped for a whopping hour again at daycare. So she's been up since 5am with one tiny nap. If I can barely function on that little sleep, how is a 7.5 month supposed to?

So she's napping. Like she did yesterday when we got home. And most likely she'll sleep until closer to midnight whereupon she'll wake to eat something and then go back to sleep again.

I miss my baby so much!!

Ugh. Anyway. Since I started the youtube thing (see my last post), here's the very first video I have of my sweet darling- just a couple days after learning to crawl (the video below is from yesterday):

I know, it just doesn't get much cuter than that! Now do you see why I miss her so much?!??

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