March 17, 2010

Well, well, well. Guess who feels as if she got hit by a big ol Semi? That would be me. Since last Friday, I've gone through FIVE boxes of tissues and and I don't know how many rolls of toilet paper. Honestly, if I could've I would've worn the damn tissue on my head if I could've.

It's been hell, to be honest. I don't recall the last time I was *this* sick. I mean, fuck. The coughing fits are incredible. It probably wouldn't bother me so much if I was actually coughing something up but there's nothing. Just a dry hacking that leaves me gasping for air and/or on the verge of vomiting. And oh.dear.god. how sore my mid-section is from all this motherfucking coughing.

And so help me if my baby girl gets this!! I know I got it from that fucking daycare. And when I dropped off Lovie yesterday before going to the doctor, they pretty much confirmed I got it from them because when I described what was happening, how I was feeling, the head teacher (who I really do like) said she had the same thing that lasted for about a month and finally ended the week prior... Yeah, um, Lovie started daycare that week prior.

Well fuck. Whatever. What can you do? It'll be good for her to build up her immune system. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Whatthefuckever. I mean, Lovie's two and half months old. 11 weeks old. She's still so little goddamnit! Is it wrong of me to try to guard her from the sicknesses this world has? Is it wrong of me to get upset that after two fucking days in daycare she had a hard time breathing through her nose and my throat was hurting... which turned into the cold from hell?!


Anyway... maybe this is why I was feeling SO incredibly tired last week? So maybe this working mom thing might eventually be OK? Yeah, not likely.

At least Lovie's dad and I were the first to hear her first giggle!

Hot damn was that an awesome moment. One that will be forever tattooed in my memory bank, I promise (and if not, it's in her blog). I know she's going to have firsts with Them (daycare) but, like a working mom friend of mine told me, it'll still be a first when we witness it (because it'll be the first time we witness it you see?).

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