December 27, 2013

Christmas recap

We cleaned. We cooked. We watched beautiful snowflakes fall Christmas Eve morning.

Grandpa and Cousin Joey visited in the afternoon. We ate. We opened presents. We laughed and played. We ate some more before saying good-bye to our guests. Lovie finally fell asleep around 10PM Christmas Eve and then we helped set the magical scene for Christmas morning.
Santa came and ate some cookies and drank some milk and left a big present (Barbie RV) for Lovie. Mom and dad did good with other gifts including the Nabi Jr.

The three of us spent Christmas morning together alone. Wrapping paper, boxes, plastic bands covered the floor. Piles of toys here and there. Daddy won $500 from a scratch-off lottery ticket tucked in his stocking. Mommy made easy and yummy sticky buns so that we all could just be together all morning. Just the three of us.

It really is the most magical time of the year.

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