December 11, 2013

Santa and the movie star

Santa visited Lovie's school yesterday for pictures.

I guess they didn't have much time with Santa-- just kind of sat each kid on his lap, snapped a photo, and on to the next. Lovie said she wasn't able to tell him what she wanted but the teacher assured her Santa would know. (We're taking her this weekend for another visit so she can be sure to have more time and tell the big guy what she wants [PINK BARBIE SHIT OF COURSE].)

This morning, on our way to school and work, she tells me, "I was kinda afraid to sit with Santa."

I asked why (she's never been too afraid before) and she said, "Because the man said I was like a movie star."

She mumbled this and looked mad. I tried not to giggle and asked what man she was talking about.

"The man."

"Do you mean Santa or the man that took the pictures?"

"No, Santa didn't say anything. He just said Good bye." Poor thing was really bothered by how quickly the "event" lasted apparently.

I figured she meant the photographer told her she looked like a Movie Star so I asked if she knew what a movie star was and again she started to sulk, so I told her he wasn't being or saying something mean or to hurt her, he just meant that she was pretty and could be in the movies.

She still sat there sulking, staring out the window of the back seat.

It kind of makes sense, though. To her, Movies = Monsters Inc and Despicable Me and Tangled and Brave. I'm guessing while she loves her pink princesses, she has no desire to be a cartoon??

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