August 19, 2013

trying not to be neglectful around here

Last week my cousin was in town with her 2 month old baby doll, so we visited a couple times and had SO much fun.

Lovie adores her little cousin. She adores babies. She would make such a good big sister, I just know it. But a good babysitter (one day) will have to do.


Lovie's been practicing writing a lot lately, and it's so amazing to watch.

The other day I went home with a birthday card she made at school during their "Birthday Week" celebration. Girlfriend signed the card herself. Granted the first three letters were on the top and the rest were underneath, but still, it was legible and pretty damn impressive if I do say so myself.

I'm really getting excited about the whole reading and writing step in childhood. It's my favorite. I always loved it in school and out: writing, reading, spelling. So seeing Lovie learn it all is just a blast. And I'm so looking forward to more.

Yesterday she refused to nap. It was unfortunate because we were supposed to visit my dad before going to see Despicable Me 2... but since she wouldn't sleep, we couldn't go anywhere--something she was well aware of. She didn't throw a fit or anything when we followed through with not going anywhere. Instead, this is what happened...

before 8PM.

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