August 9, 2013

TILTW: 8.3-8.9

I've been lacking in patience lately. I hate when this happens, but it does.

I'm tired of having to repeat things to the point of yelling before shit gets done. I know, I know: welcome to motherhood.

I'm also tired of shit getting done only after I threaten to take something away and/or start counting. I know she's just testing me and all, but why does it have to escalate to this every single time?

I've pretty much changed my hours at work, and it's working out nicely. I start half an hour later than I did and it's really helped move things along in the morning. Plus, the commute home doesn't seem to be as bad, oddly enough. And, Lovie's been happier when I pick her up because she has more time to play outside with her friends thanks to the later pick up. And morning drop offs are a breeze when I drop her off half hour later than I've been. Not sure what the dealio is with that, but it's been nice.

I finally discovered some Facebook Garage Sale forums in the area and I can't stop looking at the listings. I have yet to offer some goods but I'm astounded at how fast this stuff moves. So much better than listing on Craigslist. Now I just need to start taking pictures and listing shit.

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