December 8, 2011

Not much has changed, really. Yet lots has. Hmm.

On this date one year ago, I was counting down the days till Lovie turned ONE.

I was taking pictures every day in December as a way to count down the last days of infancy. It's not that a whole lot of changes occurred during those 29 days, but it was just a way for me to hang on to counting Lovie's age in months rather than years. I suppose.

I was so anxious last year around this time. And a bit sad. But also so excited. She started walking the month prior so by this time last year, she started to run. It was too cute to watch her toddle down the hallway after the cats. Her face would get this look of wonder as she moved faster and faster and made it to her destination. She was a riot to be around, my Lovie. Still is, really.

Actually, she's even more enjoyable to be around these days.

I can't believe I just said that out loud (or typed it for all to read).

I've sincerely loved absolutely every stage of my child's life so far. From the very new, very beginning to now. Every stage I've done my best to absorb. I've tried my best to breathe it all in deeply. I've written about it all, taken photos as much as possible and lived in that moment, trying to hold it as close to me as possible.

But this age she's at now?? This almost 2 thing (21 more days)? This being able to have a conversation thing? This wanting to be independent, yet still wanting me right by her side when she gets tired thing? It's some kind of wonderful (anyone remember that movie? man, i LOVED it!). Actually it's more than some kind of wonderful, it's insanely awesome.

She asks me, "What's wrong, Mama?" now when I grumble under my breath or might seem a bit stressed. She asks to hear "Santa's music" when we're driving in the car. She ooooh's at new things like the lights on the Christmas tree. She thanks me when I give her vegetables! She sings Happy Birthday to You every time I ask her how old she'll be when she has her birthday. She taunts me to chase her up the stairs when we get home- and down the hall when it's time to change her stinky pants. She's asks if I "wanna try" the soup she's made while taking a bath and laughs hysterically when I dump it (the container full of water) on her.

The list is endless when it comes to how awesome she is.

My heart is so full and yet every day it gets fuller. Somehow.

I'm the luckiest person on the face of the earth.

I was a year ago, too, but now... it's just unreal how blessed I am to have this little chica in my life.


4.) Blast from the Past: What were you writing about last year at this time? Tell us what has changed (if anything) since then.


  1. Big thumbs up to this post!!! Having conversations with your kid is the best thing ever. I'm still amazed by what his little mind comes up with.

    "Hey Boy, whatcha doin'"

    "I'm packing up Kitty so we can go to the museum."

    "Whatcha gonna do at the museum?"



  2. That little chica is adorable!! She looks like she knows it too which is awesome!

  3. I think about this idea a lot--loving every stage. It's true, though. Just when I think it can't be any better, any cuter, any more is.

  4. Mine are 26 and 33. Every stage is glorious and you're always a mother, no matter how old they are.

  5. They grow up so fast and it is great along with kinda sad...

  6. aww so cute! i can't wait until E starts talking more. a year ago, i didn't have a blog...haha! but i know exactly what i was doing--i was counting down the days to my due date, and hoping my little one would be born soon since i was hugely pregnant!

  7. Yes, that age is so fun, isn't it? My daughter is newly two, and she's just become so fun to be around! And your daughter's hair is gorgeous!


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