March 6, 2014

Grow'd Up Randoms

Lately Lovie's been talking about growing up-- mainly, she talks about how she doesn't want to grow up. How she'll be sad when she's grow'd up. I tell her she's got a while before that happens and that she should enjoy being a kid all that she can now. I don't tell her being a grown up sucks ass sometimes and she very well may be sad when she becomes one.

She's also been talking about babies a lot lately. I guess she had a dream one night where she was mama to six babies and now that's what she wants: six babies.

"When I'm gonna have a baby?" she asked one day.

"Oh not for a long time," I answered.

"But I wanna baby now."

"Well you can play with your dolls and let them be your babies."

"No, I wanna baby inside my tummy. I want six babies."

"Wow, six, huh? What are you gonna name them all?"

She paused for a moment to give it some thought before replying, "Christina!"

We both cracked up.

"What else?" I asked.

"Christina [OurLastName], Christina, Christina [OurLastName]..."

Again we both laughed.


Last night at bedtime, she was resting her head on my arm like she does every night and she was patting my boob (they're big). "Mommy, how big is that?" she asked.

Playing dumb, I asked, "What?"

"That!" she said, patting my boob again.

"What's it called?" I asked, curious to see what she knows.

"I dunno."

I chuckled and she quickly said, "It's called 'I dunno'."

"Oh baby," I said, "you mean my breast?"

"Yes, your breast. How big is it?'

"It's pretty big," I answered.

"Well when I'm grow'd up will my breasts be big too?"

"Yes, they'll be bigger than they are now."


This morning whilst trying to get her awake, I started rubbing her back as she leaned into me.

"Mommy when I'm a grow'd up I'm gonna pat my baby's back."

I smiled. I was in a hurry, needing to get her dressed and myself dressed to get her to school and myself to work, but after that comment, I had to smile and really BE in the moment. I continued to rub her back and pat it and told her she very well could do that when she was older.

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