March 10, 2014

a How To and a DIY all in one

As hard as it is to believe, for some time now, Lovie's been throwing around statements like, "What can I do to help?"

At first I was a bit floored.

I mean, a 4-year-old is asking me what she can do. To help. Me. Yet my nearing 40-year-old husband... oh, never mind.

Once I heard her ask me this a couple times, I started realizing that this kid CAN help. Sure it may not go as quickly as if I did it myself, but why not start teaching her when she's more than willing? So I told her that I would LOVE her help loading the clothes in the washer.

She. Was. Elated. 

I told her to stand in front of the washer (loads at top) and I would give her dirty clothes which she was then to get into the washing machine. The first time we did this, it went well. I dislodged her undies and socks from her pants or tights and she just tossed them in the machine; but then I was like, "why the hell can't she take out her undies and socks in the first place?" So the next time she came running to me, shouting "What can I do to help?", I told her we could do some laundry and this time, I gave her pants and tights with her undies and/or socks still in them and instructed her to take them out before putting them in the machine.

This, as I'm sure you can imagine, took so much longer. I mean, a two minute task turned into like a half hour task-- not even kidding. But apparently she's got the point because... BECAUSE she now takes out her undies and/or socks when she undresses! I haven't said one word about doing so, she just caught on from having to do it when she helps doing the laundry.


Anyway, the other week she was talking about going into our attic (storage room- heh) and getting a box to make something with. We've done a rocket ship and a wagon in the past but she wanted something different. I'm not sure why, but I suggested a washing machine.

Talk about being elated. (Her, not me.)

The day finally came yesterday. I was finally feeling better (sinus infection/cold from hell) and she was begging to making a washing machine. So why not?

My inspiration came from Pinterest, of course. (I thought the basket in the pin was absolutely genius and after having made one myself, it absolutely is what makes this DIY project a big time success.)

It's not totally complete as I'd like to cover it as much as I can with tape (someone insisted on using some pink because, well, it's her favorite color, of course) or crafting paper, but my girl is happy and that makes me happy.

Yay for super cheap, DIY, fun kid stuff!!

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  1. Oh, this is sooo cute! My Niece is three and a half now, can´t wait for what is to come :-)


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